Project-coordination in proven hands

Because of its 100th anniversary Germany's "Fulda", a big tiremanufacturer, had itself a showtruck built that lies beyond superlatives. The award-winning design is the result of a competition among senior students of the Pforzheim College of design, technology and economy One of the jurymembers was Stefan Georg Becker of PCP (Project-Creative-Part) - the brainstorming center of Becker-Design, Nieder-Olm, Germany. Realisation of projects like this mega-showtruck is a typical job for Stefan Georg Becker - he also came up with the unmistakeable design of its forerunner - whose ideas have been the driving force throughout the 24 months of the construction of the showtruck. At first a full scale model was built in Nieder-Olm in order to find out if the whole construction would meet Germanys road-and-traffic-safety standards.

Stefan Georg Becker the "father" of the Project

The creative entrepeneur who's "b" has already become famous in international motorsports gathered together a whole team of long known partners and subcontractors who have a lot of expert knowledge on the construction of showtrucks.

Realisation in the smallest amount time

The futuristic truck who's tractor is connected to the trailer by a cylindrical joint that makes it possible for the trailer to unfold automatically into a stage consisting of eight segments. Two 40 hp generators located at each side of the trailer spread the platform to its full span of about 14 meters. This whole task of building the truck was completed within only two years time - a technical masterperformance.

Huge communication platform

The 50 squaremeter stage is equipped with the most modern light- and soundsystem. Both can be controlled from the cylindrical structure and from the rear end of the trailer as well as the mobile tent "dome" for open-air events. The folding-system weighs 24 180 kg and the maximum load capacity for each squaremeter of the stage is 500 kg - enough for a small elephant.

All in all futuristic

The exterior and interior of the tractor that is powered by a 510 hp MAN-Engine looks very futuristic, indeed. The aerodynamic bodywork is placed on a special three-axle construction made by the austrian heavy-duty truckmaker MAN/ÖAF

High - Tech down to the smallest Detail

The cabins hydraulic slant mechanism, the electronically sensored swinging doors, the drivers entrance with four automatically unfolding steps down to all other entrances and flaps - everything asked for clean, functional solutions. A job that requires a lot of knowledge.

Practically in view

To find a solution between design an d technical requirements many tests had to be carried out and compromises had to be made in advance on the model. In coordination with Germanys Vehicle Safety Officials. In the early days of the project the slanting of the windshield was changed to get a better visibility. Gag and also very useful up to a speed of 20 km/h is a front camera in the middle of the letters MAN. By shifting in reverse the radio controlled rear camera shuts on automatically. For the interior of the cabin Becker commited only specialists. TV / Video, satellite navigation, mobil phone, CB, air-condition, stainless steel basin, coffee maker, refridgerator and comfortable folding beds were a must. Some accesoires which were to costly to develope Mr Stefan Georg Becker obtained from other companies. Alloy wheel from Italy - Speedline SL, special truck-tyres "Variotonn" and "Multitonn" by Fulda.

The finishing touch from the specialists at Becker-Design

The great project was emphased with an airbrush design. Special requirements had to be met in the layering of the varnish. Therefore, specialists at the Wuppertal company Standox developed a special basecoat-varnish ("Real Black") and also a spacial clear coating. The results being bright clear colours and the impression of real depth.

At PCP the future is now

"It has not been our goal to compete against a spacecraft but, we did hope that the futuristic design of the truck would look like something out of this world. So we left one more footprint!

Fulda Showtruck, to enlarge click on the picture The unfolded stage, to enlarge click on the picture Interieur, to enlarge click on the picture