Our engagement in exhibition construction - for many years a small but rather effectively operating department of our company - complies with our customer requests and corresponds to our company´s philosophy: "All under one roof - all in one hand". Worldwide commitment is goes without saying in this department. Elaborated logistics and mobility are our strong points which we have benn able to prove in world exhibitions. The transportation system of our business takes profit from direct interstate connection and the nearby freight centers of the Rhein-Main Airport (about a 20 minute drive away) and Hahn Airport (about a 50 minute drive away). A helicopter landing area is located on our ground.

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Advertising on the Mercedes Benz VIP Pavillon - Nürburgring, to enlarge click on the pic Tent construction for Mercedes Benz, to enlarge click on the pic Fulda exhibition booth, to enlarge click on the pic
Becker Design - always at the races, to enlarge click on the pic